A Few Artists I've worked with since 2013

Taylor Holden

Kira Longeuay

Justine Chantale
JoJo Worthington
Olivia and The Creepy Crawlies

Richard Gracious

Mark Kumala

​Jenny Rensby

The Th0ught Pr0v0ker

Roger Fisher & Friends
Gregger Botting
Pete Denomme and the Cosmic Cowboys

Ian Raeburn

Nomad Groove Trio
Three Penny Piece

Poor Angus
Lennie Gallant
Broomsticks and Hammers

Doghouse Rose

David Francey
Fortunate Ones

Trusty Fox

Patrick James Clark
Eclectic Voice

Local Haunts

Neil Young'uns

Danny Brooks Duo

Al Widmeyer (former guitarist with Stompin' Tom)
Phil Brunelle

Snuffy Jenkins

Backseat Girls

Aaron Ray

Jake Willis

Pilot Light

Carly Thomas

Lucky Widmore

24th Street Wailers

Rob Falsini - UK Artist
London Lawyers Feed the Hungry - Charity
P.S. Always - Singer/Songwriters
Roxanne Adrighetti

Joe Borowsky
Hillary Watson
The Coughlin Sisters
Mirage Band

Seline Arsenault & Joseph Kennedy

Roger Roger - Logan McKillop

Les Stroud (Survivorman)
Counting Down the Hours

Scott Fletcher

Black Savanna

2007 - i L3V3L - Band with JiMi JaY, DiGi CruNk, TaeToe
2007 - Brad Boylan aka Digicrunk – Singer/Songwriter/Musician
2007 - Terry Firth aka Taetoe – Singer/Songwriter, Artist
2007 - DeRoK aka JiMi JaY – Musician/Composer/Singer/Songwriter
2008 - Andrew Carberry aka AndyMon – Artist, Singer/Songwriter
2008 - Lawrence Currie aka LorenZo - International Artist
2010 - The i L3V3L Experienc3 - The Jam Band

2010 - The i LeVeL Experience Show - Seasonal Show
2010 - KoLyfe Art Creation - Private Art Studio
2011 - DeRoK & The RoLLeRs - Band
2011 - Tim J. Coles – International Artist
2012 - Andrew Makrakos – Singer/Songwriter/Artist
2012 - Paul Makrakos - Artist/Singer
2013 - London Music Club - Venue

2014 - Europa Entertainment - Event Coordinator/Bookings

2014 - CHRW 94.9 John Gardi - Radio Host
2014 - The Ear Worms - Band
2014 - Jenny Rensby - Singer/Songwriter

2014 - Roger Fisher - Singer/Songwriter

2014 - James Chaney - Singer/Songwriter

2014 - Pete Denomme and the Cosmic Cowboys - Band

2014 - Broomsticks and Hammers - Band
2015 - Patrick James Clark - Singer/Songwriter

2015 - Candice Lubick - Event Coordinator/Bookings

2015 - Hungry Boy Productions
2015 - Andrew Barton, Program Director, CHRW 94.9
2016 - London Lawyers Feed the Hungry
2016 - P.S. Always - Singer/Songwriters

2016 - When Stars Collide - Singer/Songwriters

2016 - Hillary Watson - Singer/Songwriter
2016 - The Coughlin Sisters - Singer/Songwriters
2016 - Mirage - Band

2016 - Annette Grotentraast

2017 - David Andrew Pearson

2017 - Nick Edmonds

MC & sound Services

By Private Contract Only                           I Do It yourself...For You™

-Sound Man - Sound set up and check plus I'll monitor the board all show$15 per hour.
-Professional MC/Host Services - I'll give your show that personal touch and host you in with a warm welcome, and help transition between sets, plus help direct your fans to the merchandise.
Not for profit shows - $75 all other galas and events $150
-Record your entire mixed performance into my portable recording studio for integration into videos or mp3s.
$50 for every 2 hours (included free with Sound Man service).  Singles released as low as $5 per mp3.
Basically, a solo act could record a 10 song two channel live album for $100  -
For audio examples click HERE

Live venue recording specialist
DRnR Studios

Image & Print Services

By Private Contract Only

- Documentation Services for Artists - Inventory & Cataloging of your work for copyrighting.

- Design Services - from simple cd data storage to dvd slide show video presentations with or without music. Create wonderful presentations of your work – online catalog options available.

- Artist Portfolios – digital or hard copy many designs and styles – see our design consultant for further details

- Print & Lamination Services – now that your work is processed in our design department, have them put into print.  Custom made to suit your needs and budget – no job to big – no job to small. 

- Promotional Services – YouTube videos and an online presence can increase your sales and reach a larger customer base, custom created to suit your needs and budget.

Satisfaction Guaranteed (proofed before printed) or your money back - Materials not included.
All hard copies will be surrendered and shredded.

DRnR Studios Blacklist
Services Rendered
non or Late Payment
east village coffee house  - NP

Digital distribution made easy

Once your live performance is recorded, we can easily distribute your music to online stores and streaming sites.  Unlimited uploads, email me to set up your private personal consultation.