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- London born Singer/Songwriter performing as DëRoK 
- Host/Soundman at London Music Club Open Mic Night 2014-2018
- Host/Producer of The DeRoK and RoLL Radio Road Show 2015-2018
- Host/Producer The i LeVeL Experience Show at KoLyfe 2011-2017
- Guitarist and Composer for DeRoK and The RoLLeRs 2010-current
- Co-Frontman/Co-Creator for Walkin' Stick 2017-current

- Music Director at KoLyfe Art Creation 2011-2017
- Ambassador to the Tinnitus Association of Southwestern Ontario 2014-2018
- Art and Music Consultant
- Self-Released 9 Singles, 8 EPs and 4 Albums since 2014 through Distrokid
- Live Venue Recording Specialist at DRnR Studios



Music credentials.
DeRoK is a self produced singer/songwriter who has composed the music for over 150 songs with lyrics written by and with close friends.   DeRoK has released in stores 12 albums since 2014.  4 full length albums and 8 EPs, as well 9 singles under the monikers, "DeRoK" and "DeRoK and The RoLLeRs" "DeRock" and "MC DeRoK".  With a couple of the latest releases being "Live at FitzRays" and "Live at KoLyfe 150".  DeRoK began releasing online in 2007 and got back into performing live in 2010 with the push and help of good friend Andy Carberry and KoLyfe Art Creation.  Be it performing, singing or hosting, from 2015-2018 DeRoK appeared in over 100 shows a year. 

As a live venue recording engineer, DeRoK has recorded hundreds of local artists.   He added over 250 local indie names to his radio show production label.  Since early 2015, through DRnR Studios, DeRoK has produced over 1000 songs for the DeRoK and RoLL Radio Road Show airing on CHRW 94.9 Sundays at midnight.  Through DRnR studios DeRoK has helped with the production of a few albums/EPs for local artists like the 2016 London Lawyers Beatles Tribute CD containing 24 live recorded tracks and Nick Edmonds "Diamond of the Southwest".  On average through the open mic at the London Music Club and other shows, DeRoK records at least 250 artists a year.

As a sound person, DeRoK has done sound for numerous bands and performers on many different boards with setups ranging from as simple as a one man show to full band shows with multiple acts.  Since late 2014 DeRoK has worked with over 600 artists.  With multiple acts in shows, on average, DeRoK set up and did sound for about 750 acts a year.

For any show bookings email derok@drnrstudios.com

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