I Hope you Enjoy The Ride
DRnR Studios

Safely Delivering Merchandise and People for Over 35 years

Fees are based on time and distance it takes to do the pickup and delivery.
$0.30/min + $0.25/KM - Minimum $10

Delivery & Ride* Hours 

Now Available Monday-Friday 8am-4pm
Saturdays from 9am-4pm

​*Ride disclaimer - Rides for Medical Appointments Only*
Seniors 10% Discount - 55+

​Residental Customers:
Delivery service on a verbal contract - paid upon delivery
Pick up and delivery of groceries or house supplies
​ - Call ahead with order and prefered time of day for delivery

I'll try to accomadate you best I can

Delivery services for clients on a signed contract basis & invoiced
- Standard commercial contract
- Delivery of customer prepaid packaged orders from order centre to clients

- For Clients with multiple intercity runs:
Organizition and delivery courses plotted for most efficient use of time and KMs

- After verification of destinations your packages will be safely and efficiently transported from the distribution centres to the final location in accordance with all laws

- ID customers to verify identity and age when applicable
- Perform verifying transactions using mobile terminals when needed
Single item weight limit - 50 pounds or less.

email for more info

Minimum Fee $10
*Ride disclaimer - Rides for medical appointments only
Seniors 10% Discount - 55+

DRnR Deliveries

To Arrange Delivery and Rides
email: delivery@drnrstudios.com

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Prearranged Delivery and Rides
email: delivery@drnrstudios.com