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London Venues That Host Live Music

765 Dundas Old East Bar and Grill
519 601 1765

Aeolian Hall
Address: 795 Dundas Street
Postal Code: N5W 2Z7
City: London – Phone 519 672 7950
Province: Ontario
Venue Website: http://www.aeolianhall.ca 

Backdrafts Pub
1101 Jalna Blvd, London, ON N6E 3B3
Phone: (519) 649-7110

The Barking Frog
209 John Street London, ON
519 850 3764
Billy’s Tap & Grill
1600 Highbury Ave, North London, ON N5Y 5N7
Phone: (519) 659-6865
Address: 671 Richmond Street
Postal Code: N6A 5M8
City: London 519 432 1425
Province: Ontario
Website: http://ceeps.com/wp/ 

Blackshire Pub, The
Address: 511 Talbot Street
Postal Code: N6A 5N7
City: London 519 433 7737
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.blackshirepub.ca/ 

Brass, The
Address: 186 King St
Postal Code: N6A 1C7
City: London 519 438 7115
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.thebrasslondon.com/ 

Budweiser Gardens
Address: 99 Dundas Street
Postal Code: N6A 6K1
City: London 519 667 5700
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.budweisergardens.com/ 

Call the Office
Address: 216 York Street
Postal Code: N6A 1B5
City: London email:  bookings@calltheoffice.com
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.calltheofficerocks.blogspot.ca/ 

Carey's Bar and Grill
Address: 1569 Oxford St. E
Postal Code: N5V 1W5
City: London 519 951 6886
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.facebook.com/careysbarandgrill 

Centennial Hall
Address: 550 Wellington St
Postal Code: N6A 3P9
City: London  Phone:(519) 672-1967
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.centennialhall.london.ca/ 

Covent Garden Market
130 King Street London, Ontario N6A 1C5
Phone: 519-439-3921

Cowboy's Ranch (London Concert Theatre)
Address: 60 Wharncliffe Road North
Postal Code: N6H 2A4
City: London  Phone:(519) 679-0101
Province: Ontario
Website: http://partytown.ca/cowboys/ 

Address: 699 Wilkins Street
Postal Code: N6C 5C8
City: London - Phone:(519) 685-0640
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.dawghouse.ca/ 

Eastside Bar and Grill
Address: 750 Hamilton Road
Postal Code: N5Z 1T8
City: London - Phone: (519) 457-7467
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.eastsidebarandgrill.ca/
George Karigan 519-951-6462
Mike W. – House Audio
James Kirk – House Lighting

Address: 855 Wellington Road S.
Postal Code: N6E 3N5
City: London - Phone:(519) 649-1103
Province: Ontario

Grinning Gater 519 672 5050
391 Richmond

Gordy’s Brewhouse
519 601 4673

Fitz Rays
Address: 110 Dundas Street
Postal Code: N6A 1G1
City: London - Phone:(519) 646-1112
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.fitzrays.com/ 

FOX and Fiddle
Address: 355 Wellington Street
Postal Code: N6A 3N7
City: London 519 679 4238
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.foxandfiddle.com/location_london.html 

Address: 539 Richmond Street
Postal Code: N6A 3E9
City: London - Phone:(519) 438-1876
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.partytown.ca/Jacks/ 

London Music Club
Address: 470 Colborne Street
Postal Code: N6B 2T4
City: London - Phone: (519) 640-6996
Email: petedenomme@hotmail.com
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.londonmusicclub.com/ 

London Music Hall
Address: 178 Dundas Street
Postal Code: N6A 1G7
City: London - Phone: (519) 432-1107
Email: info@londonmusichall.com
Website: http://www.londonmusichall.com/ 

Martini Bar
Address: 645 Richmond Street (above Mongolian Grill)
Postal Code: N6A 3G7
City: London 519 645 6400
Province: Ontario
Website: https://www.facebook.com/martinibarldn 
Milos' Craft Beer Emporium
Address: 420 Talbot St. N. (At Carling)
Postal Code: N6A 2S2
City: London  519 601 4447
Province: Ontario
Website: http://pubmilos.com/ 

Molly Bloom's Irish Pub
Address: 700 Richmond Street
Postal Code: N6A 5M8
City: London  519 675 1212
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.mollyblooms.ca/locations/london 

Morrissey House, The
Address: 361 Dundas Street
Postal Code: N6B 1V5
City: London 519 204 9220
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.themorrisseyhouse.com 

Music Box, The
Address: 1472 Dundas St.
Postal Code: N5W 5Y5
City: London  226 236 3877
Province: Ontario
Website: http://musicboxlondon.webnode.com/ 
Norma Jean's
Address: 1332 Huron Street
Postal Code: N5V 1R9
City: London - Phone: 519-455-7711
Province: Ontario
Website: http://normajeans.ca/london/ 

Nutty’s Bar & Billiards
972 Dundas, Woodstock, ON N4S 1H3
Phone: 519-421-9990

172 Main Street Lucan, Ontario N0M 2J0
Phone: (519) 227-4782

OLG Slots – 519 672 5394 - Kathy
900 King Street London, ON
Outback Shack
Address: 1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard
Postal Code: N5Y 5R6
City: London 519 453 2711
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.fsu.ca/index.asp 
Poacher's Arms, The
Address: 171 Queens Avenue
Postal Code: N6A 5J7
City: London 519 432 7888
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.poachersarms.ca/ 

Richmond Tavern
Address: 372 Richmond Street
Postal Code: N6A 3C7
City: London  519 434 4400
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.richmondtavern.ca/ 

Roxbury Pub and Grill, The
Address: 1165 Oxford Street East
Postal Code: N5Y 3L7
City: London - Phone:(519) 951-0665
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.clubzone.com/c/12081/the-roxbury-bar-and-grill-london-on 

Rum Runners
Address: 178 Dundas Street
Postal Code: N6A 1G7
City: London - Phone: (519) 432-1107
Email: info@londonmusichall.com
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.londonmusichall.com/ 

Scots Corner, The
Address: 268 Dundas Street
Postal Code: N6A 1H3
City: London 519 667 2277
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.thescotscorner.com/ 

Shoeless Joe's
Address: 805 Wonderland Rd S
Postal Code: N6K 2Y5
City: London 519 474 9505
Website: http://www.shoelessjoes.ca/ 

Spoke & Rim Tavern, The
Address: Main Floor UCC Building, UWO
Postal Code: N6A 3K7
City: London 519 661 3590
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.usc.uwo.ca/spoke/ 

St. Regis Tavern
Address: 625 Dundas St.
Postal Code: N5W 2Z1
City: London 519 432 0162
Province: Ontario
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/St-Regis-Tavern/127854997254740?sk=wall 

Tabu Nightclub
Address: 539 Richmond St.
Postal Code: N6A 3N1 ‎
City: London 519 see Jacks
Province: Ontario
Website: https://www.facebook.com/TabuLondon 

Talbot St Whiskey house
Address: 580 Talbot St, London, ON N6A 2T1
Phone:(519) 601-2589

The Grad Club
Address: 1151 Richmond Street
Postal Code: N6A 5H4
City: London 519 661 2111 ext 86386
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.uwo.ca/sogs/gradclub 

The Rocks On King
Address: 93 King St
Postal Code: N6A 1C1
City: London - Phone: 519-204-4044
Province: Ontario
Website: https://www.facebook.com/TheRocksOnKing/info 
The Victoria Tavern
Address: 466 South St
Postal Code: N6B 1C3
City: London new owner Mike Small
Province: Ontario
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Victoria-Tavern/118505468193478 

The Victory Legion
311 Oakland Ave. London, O
519 455 2331

Wave, The
Address: 2nd Floor UCC Building UWO
Postal Code: N6A 3K7
City: London 519 661 3007
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.usc.uwo.ca/wave/index.html 

12-551 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3E9
519 936 5079

Wits End
Address: 235 North Centre Road
Postal Code: N5X 4E7
City: London - Phone: (519) 850-9487
Province: Ontario

Wolf Performance Hall
Address: 251 Dundas Street
Postal Code: N6A 6H9
City: London 519 661 5120
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.londonpubliclibrary.ca/ 

Wortley Roadhouse, The
Address: 190 Wortley Road
Postal Code: N6C 4Y7
City: London - Phone: (519) 438-5141
Email: info@wortleyroadhouse.com
Marty Verweel, Gail Verweel
Province: Ontario
Website: http://www.wortleyroadhouse.com/index.php