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Offer valid only to and for the performers of the Friday night Open Mic at the London Music Club
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Singer/Songwriter Spectacular Special!!!
DRnR Studios in association with London Music Club’s Friday Night Open Mic
 The Friday Fiver

Special offer - .mp3s .wavs or mp4s of your open mic performance are available for your convenience.
Audio recordings are catalogued by week number and archived in the database.
Videos available upon request.  Please request by Thursday before the show.

 Audio from p.a. system is synced to video from camera for a great sounding video.
Videos Uploaded to Dropbox for easy downloading.
Audio Files $5 per song release fee – No restrictions (sell on iTunes, put on CDs etc.)
Videos $40 per video.
(includes a separate MP3 audio track - One angle, digital pan and zoom - no pan and zoom/$20 per video)

Recording sessions are numbered as follows...first Friday of the year 2018 was #1801, second Friday was #1802...and so on.  Video available by request only, please message me before night of the show. 
Don't remember what week you performed?  No problem let me know and I'll bring in the old sign up sheets.

Come out to the LMC Friday nights then… I'll do the rest for you...

   Use the easy to fill in form to order!!!
   Name: Open Mic Sign Up Name
   Email: Your email I can reach you at.
   Subject: Open mic date / Audio Video

   Message: Names of songs, mp3 or wav and
   any other important details also.

                    Paypal prices
               mp3s $10.00/song
             Videos $50.00/song incl. mp3
         Pay Cash at the Club and Save
               mp3s $5.00/song
             Videos $40.00/video incl. mp3